tap tv 11x17 posteraltTap TV

Take your location to the next level with Tap TV, the innovative new entertainment system from AMI. Tap TV uses a venue's existing TVs and guests' smartphones to give patrons access to exciting free-to-play games and entertainment. If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to bring in new patrons and increase food and drink sales, you need to get Tap TV.

  • Eye-catching graphics and fun games keep patrons engaged and excited

  • Guests can compete for high scores on local and national leaderboards

  • Integrates easily with existing multi-TV display systems

  • No expensive controllers to buy or maintain

How Does Tap TV Work?

Tap TV takes advantage of the TVs that are already in a venue to provide live, free-to-play entertainment to patrons. Setup is fast, easy, and hassle-free, without the need for difficult and costly custom installations. The Tap TV unit requires only a broadband internet connection to work.

After downloading the free Tap TV app, guests can use their phones to interact with Tap TV and compete live with other players for high-scores and bragging rights

Tap TV Trivia

Tap TV Trivia lets guests compete in a free-to-play nationwide trivia competition. Using the free Tap TV app and their own smartphones, players answer questions that appear on screens inside the location. With a rotating schedule of games available seven days a week, it's like having live trivia every single night!

The Benefits of Tap TV

Tap TV Trivia turns a location's existing TVs into a powerful tool that can bring in new customers, keep regulars coming back for more, and increase food and drink sales. According to a survey of 300 new Tap TV players in Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., playing Tap TV encourages players to stay longer, come back, and buy more food and drinks than they would without playing Tap TV.


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